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Hungary’s domestic affairs amount to “total war”, Speaker of Parliament László Kövér said in an interview to the weekly Mandiner. Kövér referred to recent remarks by Péter Niedermüller, mayor of Budapest’s 7th district, who described “white, Christian, heterosexuals” as “a scary formation”. Kövér said he was “white, Christian and heterosexual”. “I was given all that by God. They are not my own doing but I proudly claim them.”
Referring to Fidesz’s suspended membership in the European People’s Party, Kövér said, “The EPP will do what the CDU party tells them”. Whether or not EPP members vote to exclude Fidesz “will depend on what the Germans say”. Kövér insisted that the EPP would no longer “return to its state 20 years ago and adopt conservative and Christian values…” The EPP is “drifting towards destructive, seemingly ideology-free politics dictated by globalist powers,” he added.