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Violence against Christians is on the rise, Tristan Azbej, state secretary in charge of aid to persecuted Christian communities, said in Washington, DC, noting that the persecution of Christians has spread to western African countries from the Middle East. After opening a Hungarian exhibition on the topic, Azbej told MTI that the Hungarian government’s policy towards those communities is “proof that the issue of migration must be addressed at its root”.
Azbej noted the achievements of the government’s Hungary Helps humanitarian programme, saying that under the scheme schools, churches and residential areas had been rebuilt in ten countries. In the past two years the programme has helped some 70,000 Christians to survive or return to their homes. The government, he added, had “served both the world’s most persecuted and most neglected religious community and … the interests of Hungarians by preventing or mitigating the migration pressure on Europe.”
Apart from showing the suffering of “the insulted and the injured”, the aim of the exhibition is to present the real face of Hungarian people and their government in contrast with “slanderous remarks” by liberal politicians and organisations, Azbej said. “We’ll show that we don’t have a heart of stone but consider migration a harmful tendency.”
The exhibition is also aimed at encouraging US decision makers to follow suit, the state secretary said, adding that the Hungarian initiative had been warmly received.