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Commenting on a recent murder case in Sály, in north-eastern Hungary, László Toroczkai, leader of the radical nationalist Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland) party, called for a social debate on the possibility of reinstating the death penalty. Addressing a press conference, Toroczkai said a 61-year old Hungarian woman had been murdered in the village on Thursday “by a perpetrator likely of Gypsy ethnicity”. The leader of the non-parliamentary party said it appeared that Hungary’s current criminal justice system did not pose enough of a deterrent to those who commit murder. Toroczkai said politicians were trying to “sweep this problem under the rug” and “keeping silent on the crimes plaguing the rural public”.
He said Mi Hazánk was the only Hungarian party to raise the question of reinstating capital punishment. Toroczkai added that his party wanted an issue such as this to be decided by the Hungarian people and not from abroad.
Responding to the suggestion that as a member of the European Union, Hungary did not have the authority to reintroduce the death penalty, Toroczkai said: “We don’t always have to accept the status quo, especially when it goes against the interests of the people”. “I don’t care about rights organisations or the EU … we must change what’s not right,” he added.