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Seven Hungarians evacuated from Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, have arrived in France and show no symptoms, a Hungarian government official said. Tamás Menczer, a state secretary of the foreign ministry, told MTI by phone that the Hungarians had arrived with other nationals a little after 2.30 in the afternoon on Sunday. They were examined twice by doctors before departure, he added. The Hungarians will be flown home on a Hungarian military aircraft on Sunday, Menczer said.
The seven Hungarians earlier decided they wanted to return home from Wuhan. Hungary’s chief medical officer, Cecília Müller, said they will be quarantined in a Budapest hospital for 14 days, the virus’s maximum incubation period. French television channel BFFM reported that the Hungarians were among 250 passengers on a French aircraft which arrived at the Istres airbase, in the south of France. There were 65 French nationals on board and citizens from another 30 countries.
Meanwhile, a Hungarian government official said Hungarian colleges and universities and their clinical centres are prepared to implement all tasks related to any possible outbreak of the coronavirus. State secretary of the innovation and technology ministry Tamás Schanda noted that there have been no cases of coronavirus detected in Hungary but the government has prepared a response to defend against any possible outbreak. At present, 2,722 Chinese nationals are enrolled at Hungarian colleges and universities.