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The government will continue to reduce unemployment and hike wages because "there is no other way to eliminate poverty", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told an international press conference.

Orbán called it a “fantastic achievement” that the number of jobholders had exceeded 4.5 million “for the first time in thirty years”. Wages have been growing for 82 consecutive months, and their growth rate has been the fastest for low earners, he added. The Hungarian economy is constantly developing, and the government aims to reach 85% of the average European Union level of development by 2030, Orbán said. That figure was at 63% in 2010 and at 71% this year, he noted.
Meanwhile, regarding EU investments, Orbán said it was a “generally accepted practice” that states folded into the state budget those investments the EU had objections to and there was no meaningful difference between European and domestic funds. The more developed a country is, the less funding it is entitled to from the EU, he noted, adding that Hungarian firms would have to repatriate more dividends from abroad in order to make up for the decline in EU funding.
Orbán said that Hungary’s payments into the EU in proportion to GDP were higher than some more prosperous members such as the Netherlands and Sweden.