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New measures as part of the action plan to protect the economy, alongside targeted tax cuts, will come into effect in the New Year with a view to aiding families and businesses, Finance Minister Mihály Varga said. The tax on small businesses will be cut to 12%, reducing the burden on 45,000 Hungarian firms, Varga said in a video posted on Facebook. The government is suspending the tax on advertising by 2022 and this, he added, would contribute to the market’s expansion. VAT on accommodation is being cut from 18% to 5%, resulting in 32 billion forints (EUR 96m) remaining in the pockets of tourism businesses. Tax administration is also being simplified, with four different contributions combined into a single tax, he said, adding that one type of tax will be abolished altogether. Households in villages and construction firms in rural areas will be helped thanks to a tax refund of up to 5 million forints for small settlements. Also, the government is raising 15 billion forints in capital so that businesses can more easily access cheaper investment loans, he said.
Varga said that in order to boost research in Hungary, R+D development support will be increased by 32 billion forints next year.