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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the government’s family protection action plan offers "unprecedented support to Hungarians, an opportunity to plan for their future".

Support for families is crucial for a nation’s survival, Orbán said in an interview with the daily Magyar Nemzet, adding that “if a nation is unable to sustain itself biologically, it will not be capable of preserving its cultural and spiritual community, and will disappear”. The government’s programmes have helped some 500,000 people to own a home, and Hungarian families have been able to save a total of 2,250 billion forints (EUR 6.8bn) through support schemes between 2011 and 2019, he said. Hungary has “Europe’s most comprehensive family support system” including a proportionate income tax, extensive home buying plans, incentives for young mothers to take up employment, as well as programmes to build kindergartens and crèches, Orbán said.
The prime minister also argued that paying the price of climate protection is a responsibility mainly of the “richest states and largest international companies”. “We cannot accept their raising fuel and food prices citing climate protection, exacting another ransom from Hungarian families,” he said.