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Christianity and Christmas “are under attack worldwide” but the Hungarian government is committed to protecting Christian culture, the state secretary responsible for aid to persecuted Christians said.
Tristan Azbej told journalists in Budapest that Christians face persecution in many countries to the east and south of Hungary, adding that “in the West we’re seeing displays of anti-Christianity”.
Azbej insisted that even Christmas was coming under attack in the West through “anti-Christian processes”. In Germany, he said, anti-Christian sentiment was manifested in the burning of Christian songbooks, while in France it is expressed in regular attacks on churches and vandalising Christian symbols.
The state secretary said Christianity was the most persecuted religion in the world with more than 250 million Christians facing regular discrimination or persecution. Last year, several thousand people were killed for their faith, Azbej said, adding that these statistics were not getting enough attention.
The Hungarian government, by contrast, is committed to protecting and strengthening Christian culture throughout the world, he said, adding that hopefully Europe would also realise the importance of this in due time.