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Due to the increasing migration pressure, state secretary at the ministry of defence Szilárd Németh has convened the anti-immigration cabinet of the governing Fidesz party's parliamentary group for Monday.

Speaking at a press conference, Németh described the migration situation on Hungary’s southern border and the West Balkans as very serious, dangerous and a warning to all.
Németh said that almost 100,000 migrants are gathering on the West Balkans and although “the situation is still under control”, it is “beginning to look like the big crisis in 2015,” and if the migrants are “let loose on the Hungarian border, there could be big trouble, and we must prepare for that possibility”.
This is why it is important, he said, that the “state of crisis” in connection with mass migration was extended in September as it provides the necessary legal basis for the protection of the border.
It is also important, Németh added, that the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights has declared that confining migrants to the transit zone does not equal imprisonment, thus, “everything that the pro-migration opposition has said about either the transit zone or the state of crisis in connection with mass migration has been proved false”.