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Protecting persecuted Christians is a moral duty “and a cause we must also stand up for on the international stage”, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office said on the closing day of an international conference on persecuted Christians. “There’ll be a chance in the 21st century to end all forms of persecution of Christians and bloody genocides as well as the increasingly prevalent forms of discrimination in Europe,” Gergely Gulyás said. But this requires new approaches in public and academic life “so that we have the strength, courage and wisdom to stand up” for those facing persecution, he added. “We need to get back to the pursuit of a free dialogue with all well-intentioned people who value Christianity, human rights and the freedom of conscience,” the PM’s chief of staff said. He also called for the restoration of Christian faith throughout Europe, saying that “it appears we’re gradually cutting away our Christian roots.” “We believe that this process is not irreversible,” Gulyás said. He also highlighted Hungary’s efforts to aid persecuted Christians. Under the Hungary Helps humanitarian scheme, “we take the help to those in need ourselves”, Gulyás said.