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Egyptian security and success in fighting terrorism is in Europe’s vital interest, President János Áder said at a joint news conference with Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, his Egyptian counterpart, in Cairo. Egypt, Áder said, was indispensable in fighting terrorism and preventing another migration wave to Europe.
Meanwhile, he said cooperation in water management was an area of bilateral economic ties worth pursuing, and hopefully the results would be tangible within a year or two. He mentioned increasing the efficiency of water use and reducing network losses amid increasing demand for water in an ever-expanding population as challenges to be surmounted, as well as the problem of waste water treatment. Referring to what is the third meeting of the countries’ presidents in the past two and a half years, he praised the intensity of Egypt-Hungary ties.
El-Sisi said Hungary played an important role in the European Union and at a regional level, and called for closer cooperation in building international relations. It is a common interest, he added, to develop an international position on fighting terrorism. Regarding Libya and Syria, he said the international community should step up efforts to address the strife there.
El-Sisi called his meeting with Áder “fruitful”, and added a fourth meeting on strengthening national, economic and scientific ties may be held in Budapest next year. He welcomed the increasing number of Hungarian tourists visiting Egypt, and pledged to make their stay as safe as possible.