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The government is doing all it can to protect the family and life itself, the state secretary for family and youth affairs said at a Thanksgiving Gala dinner celebrating Hungarian-American cooperation on protecting religious minorities. Katalin Novák told the event late on Monday that she was glad to live in a country where “there is freedom of faith, prosperity and stability”. She said many of her family members had been persecuted for their faith during the communist period. She said Europeans, living comfortably, did not sense the threat to their faith, but this disrespected persecuted Christians.
Novák noted that since 2011 Hungary’s constitution states that the country’s foundations are rooted in a Christian Europe, and protecting Hungary’s Christian culture is the duty of every branch of the state. She thanked “partners in the United States” for their pro-family, pro-life approach. The state secretary said that the foetus is protected from conception in Hungary and that marriage is regarded as a convention between a man and a woman. Novák noted that from January mothers with at least four children will not have to pay personal income tax. Also, the number of marriages is now at a forty-year high, she added.