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The migration situation is deteriorating and around 100,000 migrants are currently in the Western Balkans, Péter Szijjártó, the foreign minister, said at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development in Vienna on Thursday. He cited reports of 350,000 illegal border crossings into Turkish territory between January and the end of October, 80,000 more than last year. Conflicts in Europe’s vicinity are not helping when it comes to finding a solution to the migration crisis, he said, adding that they fuelled pressure on those seeking to enter Europe illegally. Szijjártó said it was high time various Brussels institutions and the international community changed their migration policies, which, he insisted, encouraged new waves of migration rather than helping migrants to return to their homelands while improving their security. Hungary, he said, had proved that migration can be stopped. Also, Hungary has sent 40 million US dollars in aid to help keep 50,000 Christians in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon. “This points to a solution and is an example to be followed,” he said during a panel discussion of migration held at the centre.