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Slovakia and the Czech Republic also fought for Hungary’s freedom in the Velvet Revolution, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in connection with the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Prague’s Velvet Revolution.
“I’m here to pay tribute to Slovakia and the Czech Republic for their brave acts during these very important days, when they also fought for Hungary, thereby contributing in a significant way to Hungary’s freedom…” Orbán told journalists in Bratislava. Orbán noted that the countries of the region had experienced the same fate — the Soviet occupation and the lack of freedom in private and public life — in different ways but for the same reason. This is why, he added, that successive revolutions triumphed in a chain reaction. Meanwhile, commenting on cooperation with his Slovak counterpart Peter Pellegrini, Orbán said central Europe was strong again. The post-Soviet transformation into a free society and economy had been difficult, he said. “Now Slovakia is a successful country … and we’re on the road to catching up with more fortunate western countries.” He said success did not depend on a single individual. “Slovakia has good leadership, so Slovakia is a successful country,” he said. Orbán said he must give Pellegrini credit for his commitment to good Hungary-Slovakia ties and for being a good friend of Hungarians living in Slovakia as well of Hungary itself. “I’m ready to work with him.”