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The Hungarian prime minister’s international talks are always aimed at promoting national interests, Zoltán Kovács, state secretary for international communications, said in connection with talks between Viktor Orbán and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and slammed the opposition for their “absurd and hypocritical” interpretation of Wednesday’s meeting. Kovács added that Hungary’s “post-communist opposition” provides assistance to Western media to come up with “a hysterical approach based on double standards and obvious lies”.
Kovács said that the talks between Orbán and Putin in recent years “cannot be compared regarding their number and character to talks Putin has had with the German chancellor, the president of France or with Italian leaders”. He also insisted that Hungary’s ties with Russia were “exclusively rooted in the Hungarian interest” and the government’s endeavour “to make all world powers interested in Hungary’s success”. Referring to a cooperation agreement between Russian and Hungarian gas and oil suppliers signed as part of Wednesday’s talks, Kovács said that it would greatly contribute to Hungary’s energy security up to 2025.