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The prime ministers of Hungary and Slovenia held talks in Budapest that focused on migration, V4 cooperation, EU enlargement and bilateral ties, including infrastructure projects.

Hungary and Slovenia are both “well aware of what migration and illegal border crossings mean”, Hungary’s Viktor Orbán told a joint press conference with Marjan Šarec. “We both know what it means when masses attempt to cross our borders and transit our countries illegally,” the prime minister said. “We know what it’s like when they’re not coming to us but just want to pass through and we know what it’s like when the law, national interests and the humaneness of handling things the right way are in conflict with one another.”
Hungary and Slovenia are planning to deliver medical equipment to Africa together, “in line with the idea that we should not import trouble but take the help where it’s needed,” he said. Hungary is “very sympathetic” towards Slovenia’s efforts to defend its borders, Orbán said.
Šarec said the best solution would be to improve living conditions in the migrants’ countries origin so as to prevent them from leaving their homelands. He urged the EU to craft a joint policy in this matter.