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The non-parliamentary radical nationalist Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland) movement has proposed that parliament should declare Jan. 8, the birth anniversary of author Albert Wass (1908-1998), a memorial day to pay tribute to “Szeklers persecuted by Romanian authorities”. Erik Fülöp, an independent lawmaker who belongs to the movement, said that Mi Hazánk would also propose making the contested author an honorary citizen of Budapest.

Fülöp criticised Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony for “calling Wass a Nazi” in an interview and insisted that “millions of Hungarians resent the liberals for stigmatising and persecuting committed patriots”.  Meanwhile, Fülöp said Karácsony’s recent proposal to make Gábor Demszky an honorary citizen of Budapest was “unacceptable” as the one-time liberal mayor had “caused so much damage to Budapest and Hungary that he is unworthy of the title”. Karácsony has also proposed awarding honorary citizenship to former Fidesz-backed mayor István Tarlós.