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Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s work to fulfil the will of the British people as expressed in a referendum should command respect rather than resulting in attacks, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó has said.

Szijjártó called the “attacks” levelled at Johnson by the international media “unjust”. Hungary’s interest is to eliminate all factors that might stand in the way of further cooperation, he said. “We have seen the challenges that the European media’s pressure on the US president have created in European-US relations,” he said, adding: “It would be good to avoid that this time.”

Referring to British press speculation that Johnson had asked certain EU countries, including Hungary, to veto any extension to the Brexit deadline, Szijjártó said: “We have read the rumours about this but the Hungarian government has not been approached with such a request.”

Szijjártó said he had met more than thirty company heads during his visit to London, and, based on the talks, “we can safely say that British investors are very satisfied with the investment environment in Hungary”. They appreciated, he added, one of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe and policies that cut red tape and promote investment.