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The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance has maintained a stable lead while the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) has secured its position as the leading opposition party, according to the latest survey by the Századvég Foundation. Századvég said in a press release that deep into the local election campaign period, the ruling alliance commands 37% of the entire sample of voters and 54% of core party supporters. DK and the liberal Momentum Movement were tied at 8% each among Századvég’s entire sample. Among decided voters, support for DK stood at 11%, while the Momentum Movement was at 10%. Nationalist Jobbik was next, with the backing of 6% of the total electorate and 8% of decided voters. The Socialist Party had 5% in the full sample and 7% among core party supporters. Green LMP and radical nationalist Mi Hazánk each attracted 2% of the whole sample and 3% of decided voters.

The proportion of undecided voters stood at 29%. Századvég conducted the poll between September 23 and 25 with a sample of 1,000 adults.