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Hungary and the Republic of the Marshall Islands established diplomatic relations. The agreement was signed by foreign ministers Péter Szijjártó of Hungary and John Silk of the Marshall Islands at Hungary’s UN representation office in New York.
Szijjártó said that both countries attached great importance to environmental and climate protection. He noted that Hungary had been the first European Union member state to ratify the Paris climate accord. Szijjártó said the two countries would continue and extend cooperation within the United Nations, with Hungary supporting the Marshall Islands’ membership in the UN Human Rights Council, and the Marshall Islands backing Hungary’s membership in the UNESCO Executive. He said Hungary would back every initiative to raise the aid earmarked for the Marshall Islands in the EU’s next financial framework.
As foreign minister of a country threatened by the potential effects of sea level rise, Silk highly appreciated the efforts made by the European Union and its member states to halt climate change.