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Viktor Orbán, Hungary's prime minister, was reelected as leader of ruling Fidesz at the 28th congress of the party in Budapest on Sunday.

Orbán got 1,406 votes from the delegates. Katalin Novák, Gábor Kubatov, Szilárd Németh and Lajos Kósa were elected as deputy leaders.
Addressing the congress, Orbán stressed the need of compromise between two parts of Europe but added that Hungarians’ “right to live according to the laws of Christian freedom” should be respected. The nations preferring an alliance of European countries to an empire governed from Brussels want to remain “proud European nations based on Christianity” rather than turn into immigrant societies, he said.
Orbán said that Hungary “is no longer alone in the arena but part of a column of Poles, Czechs and Slovaks”. He added that Austria would hopefully join that column after the Sunday elections and that it is a matter of time before “the flag of Italian freedom” will be unfurled again. An agreement between the two parts of Europe is conditional on the West accepting the right to live under the laws of Christian freedom and discontinuing “open attacks against our nations and governments”, Orbán said.