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Hungary’s foreign minister has said the United Nations is “trying to create non-existing rights instead of enforcing basic human rights”, thereby “generating migration waves that pose … serious security threats and risks to everyone”.

Speaking to MTI ahead of a UN meeting on African peace processes in New York, Péter Szijjártó said there was a “desperate, politicised debate” going on within the organisation on what can be considered fundamental human rights. He said that if international law was to be interpreted literally, it was clear that those rights do not concern migration. “One can’t wake up one day and decide that they want to live in another country and violate the borders and sovereignty of dozens of countries in order to get there,” Szijjártó argued. “On the contrary, human rights are about everyone having the right to a peaceful life in their own country.” But, he added, instead of enforcing these rights, the UN was contributing to the emergence of new migration waves. “We’ve seen in recent days and weeks how the migration pressure on Europe has increased, how the Western Balkan region gets filled by migrants again and how terrorist organisations try to take advantage of the new emigration waves,” Szijjártó said.