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Ruling Fidesz deputy leader and state secretary for family and youth affairs Katalin Novák held talks with centre-right parties in Italy about the protection of European borders and the preservation of traditional family values on Tuesday, a day after several European Union countries had agreed in Malta on the distribution of migrants.
Novák held consultations with representatives of centre-right Forza Italia, and right-wing Liga and Fratelli d’Italia. She met, among others, with Lorenzo Fontana, the Liga’s former minister for family affairs and former minister of European affairs. Novák told MTI that the current opposition right-wing was very strong in Italy, with polls showing that they would win if the elections were held now. She added that these Italian parties were the natural allies for Fidesz.
Hungary and Italy are allies also in migration considering that Italy with its sea borders must also protect Europe’s sea borders and Hungary has the same task with land borders, she said. “It was this way when the Liga party led by Matteo Salvini was in government in Rome and it will be this way when they regain power,” she said. “It is important that we maintain links during the time in between,” she added.
Novák said the Hungarian government could not accept the distribution quota for migrants, adding that “we do not agree with the distribution mechanism included in the Malta agreement and we will not support any form of mandatory settlement quota.” At the same time, Hungary is ready to offer help on the spot or help return people who stay in Europe unlawfully, as economic migrants, to their places of origin, she said.