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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán attended a meeting of Italy’s nationalist-conservative Brothers of Italy (FdI) party in Rome, and offered his government’s help in his address.

„Hungary is prepared to help Italy, where it can; thus, if the country finally commits to protecting its borders, we will help to that end as well as to return migrants already in Italy back home,” Orbán said.

In his remarks, Orbán responded to Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who said earlier at the event that the Visegrad Group – Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia – had not assisted Italy in the area of migration policy.

Orbán said Hungary cannot help if Italy brings into its territory migrants from anywhere.

He said that a number of Western European leaders believe that allowing in masses of migrants who are different from the Christian majority will create a new society from the mix, a society that is of a higher quality. Central Europe does not think along these lines, because integration will not come of this: they will not live together, but apart, he added.

Every people has the right to decide with whom they want to live together, and if a people decides they don’t want to be a multicultural society, they have that right in a democracy, he said.