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The opposition parties criticised the ruling alliance for failing to send representatives to a special session of parliament dedicated to climate protection and called on the government and ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats (KDNP) to participate in joint efforts.
Politicians of LMP, the Socialists, Párbeszéd, the Democratic Coalition, Jobbik, and independent lawmakers held a joint press conference after the special session had to be adjourned because it lacked quorum.
Erzsébet Schmuck, deputy head of the LMP group which initiated the session, said the opposition had hoped that the heads of state and government would attend and say that they were aware that climate change posed the greatest challenge of the current era.
Tímea Szabó, group leader of Párbeszéd, said a recent European Commission survey showed that 96% of Hungarians were concerned about climate change, yet no Fidesz representatives showed up to the session. Jobbik’s Tibor Nunkovics accused Fidesz of trying to play down climate change and of placing the emphasis on fossil fuel use. He called for developing a joint position standing above party politics in the matter. Zita Gurmai of the Socialists said it was hard to tell whether the government’s climate policy was based on “viciousness or plain ignorance”.
DK deputy group leader Gergely Arató said climate protection and preserving a liveable planet and liveable Hungary were national issues and matters that concerned all humanity and Europe. Independent lawmaker Bernadett Szél called on Orbán to initiate a day of debate on climate change in parliament.