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The Hungarian government believes the Italian government's decision to open the country's southern ports to illegal migrants is "dangerous" and gives cause for concern, the foreign minister has said.

The number of illegal immigrants that have already entered Europe is enough and no more should be allowed in, Péter Szijjártó said, stressing the importance of protecting Europe’s borders. The Hungarian government was the first to prove that the flow of immigrants via land routes can be stopped, he said. The previous Italian government with Matteo Salvini as deputy prime minister and interior minister was the first to prove that the same could be achieved on sea as well, Szijjártó said. After opening the ports, the next step will obviously be for the Italian government “to enforce” the migrant distribution quota scheme which Hungary will continue to reject, he added. “We’ve made it clear that we will not yield to any blackmail should it be directed against us by Soros-supported NGOs, a western European government or Brussels,” Szijjártó said. Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, leader of the governing Five Star Movement, on Monday evening rejected the Hungarian government’s reservations concerning his government’s migration-related decisions in a statement.