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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's main aim is to avoid having to face problems associated with liberal, multicultural western societies, a US paper said.

After attending a conference for Christian communicators in Budapest last week, Rod Dreher of The American Conservative relates how he and other participants were invited by Orbán to meet in the Prime Minister’s office, where they talked for around 90 minutes.

Dreher described Orbán as being vastly different to the portrayal of him in the western media. “Orbán — who speaks good English — was energetic, fiercely intelligent, funny, self-deprecating, realistic, and at times almost pugilistic in talking about defending Hungary and her interests,” he wrote. Western politicians today cannot say what they think, Dreher quoted him as saying. “Orbán said that Hungary’s was the only government in Europe to respond to the crisis in its own interests, and in the interests of Christianity in Europe.” “[Orbán] understands that he is dealing with elites who believe that being a post-Christian, post-national civilization is a great and glorious thing,” Dreher wrote. “He said the main political question in the West today is how fractious pluralities can live together peaceably.”