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The distribution of top positions in the European Commission reflects the strengthened position of the Visegrad Group, the Hungarian prime minister said in Prague, after attending a summit of the V4 and Western Balkan states.

Two vice-presidents in the new commission were nominated by Visegrad Group countries, Viktor Orbán noted, adding that the Hungarian commissioner-designate, László Trócsányi, has the “beautiful and big” task of managing the EU’s enlargement. Trócsányi grasps the complicated aspects of enlargement, he said, adding that, hopefully, the former Hungarian justice minister would receive the backing of the EP.
Regarding the bloc’s enlargement, Orbán said had the EU integrated North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia earlier “many millions of illegal migrants would not be in western Europe today”. “Together, we could have defended the Balkan route,” he said, adding that the space between Greece and Hungary had been left “unguarded”. “This space has to be filled by integrating the countries located there, and then the EU would be able to protect itself.” Orbán noted that migrants had not arrived in the EU via Romania, a member state. “They crossed non-member states” before being stopped in Hungary, he said.