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The opposition in the 8th district of Budapest has handled the personal data of voters unlawfully, ruling Fidesz group leader said.

Máté Kocsis called on the opposition’s candidate for local mayor and opposition representatives to withdraw from running in the upcoming local elections. Kocsis cited a report in Monday’s edition of daily Magyar Nemzet showing photographs that allegedly prove that candidates of the opposition alliance had prepared unlawful lists based on voter recommendation slips. Kocsis told a press conference that this was “shocking and alarming”, adding that it raised the suspicion of the abuse of voter data and illegal acts in connection with the local election.
Asked whether Fidesz would take any legal steps, he said an objection would be raised at the local election committee and the local election office should also address the issue. Commenting on the Magyar Nemzet report, the campaign chief of the opposition mayoral candidate insisted that the campaign of András Pikó had been carried out in line with Hungarian and European data protection regulations. In a statement, Tessza Udvarhelyi denied that the unlawful collection of data had taken place.