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Ferenc Gyurcsány, the leader of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), is ignoring the will of the Hungarian people, who, in two elections and a referendum on border protection, voted against the immigration policies of Brussels, Máté Kocsis, the ruling Fidesz party group leader, told public radio in an interview on Sunday. Asked about Klára Dobrev, an MEP of the leftist party, who has said the EU should not pay the costs of Hungary’s border protection measures, Kocsis said Hungarians were “no longer surprised” that Gyurcsány or his wife Dobrev represented a type of politics “brutally against the nation”. He said it was clear that the political bloc led by Gyurcsány had not changed its political priorities and continued to campaign to promote immigration quotas and to dismantle the border fence against the will of Hungarians who had made their views clear in recent elections.
Put to him that Gyurcsány called Fidesz politicians fools in his Facebook entry claiming that no one had any intention of demolishing the fence, Kocsis questioned why Gyurcsány had travelled to the border with a bolt cutter when the fence was being built. Kocsis further noted that DK had gathered signatures in favour of the European Union’s migrant quota system. “Ferenc Gyurcsány is a serial liar who denies what is clearly evident,” he added.
The Fidesz politician said “we are launching an information campaign since every Hungarian has the right to know what left-wing policies drawn up by Ferenc Gyurcsány and his wife mean.”
Meanwile, Fidesz announced that it is launching an information campaign warning voters that DK wants to “tear down the border fence and let migrants” into Hungary. “The Hungarian people have to know what Gyurcsány and company are planning, since they’re the ones controlling the entire opposition in the municipal election campaign as well,” the party’s group spokesman János Halász told a press conference. Halász accused DK of conspiring with the “pro-migration European left” to tear down Hungary’s border fence, eliminate the government’s border protection measures and implement migrant distribution quotas.