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Sewage sludge imports continue to arrive in Hungary despite a promise by Gergely Gulyás, head of the Prime Minister’s Office, to stop them over a month ago, head of parliament’s welfare committee Lajos Korózs, of the opposition Socialists, said. Korózs told a press conference in front of the Prime Minister’s Office that he had filmed the arrival of Croatian and Slovenian lorries transporting sewage sludge to a disposal facility in Székesfehérvár earlier in the day.
Korózs said he would file a lawsuit in the case because the Pest County government office had failed to supply information of public interest in connection with sewage sludge imports within the legally stipulated deadline. Korózs said he had asked the office to specify whom it had granted a permit to transport sewage sludge from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy to Hungary. Who transported it, who received it and who would recycle it, he asked. A total of 91,000 tonnes of sludge arrived from Croatia over two years and 31,000 tonnes a year from Slovenia, he added.