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Representatives of Thailand’s farm ministry and Hungary’s foreign ministry had talks in Budapest on the licensing of Hungarian pork exports to Thailand in the context of Hungary’s success in combatting swine fever. Gyula Budai, the government’s trade commissioner, proposed that any future export ban due to an outbreak of swine fever should only apply to the affected region rather than to the whole country. He noted in a statement that in December last year, Bangkok eased an export ban of poultry in connection with bird flu because it was satisfied as to the strictness of Hungarian veterinary measures. “We now await the decision of the Thai authorities with confidence,” he added.
With a population of 69 million, Thailand is Southeast Asia’s second biggest market, Budai noted. It is in the best interest of Hungary’s farmers that agreements with Bangkok should be maximally favourable, he added. In the case of a positive decision, Hungary’s market for pork could expand by tens of billions of forints in Southeast Asia, he said. Hungary is the first country that Thailand is planning such cooperation with. Although the country is well catered to in terms of its supply of pork, there is nevertheless demand for high-quality, GMO-free Hungarian pork, particularly premium quality mangalitsa, he added.