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Péter Szilágyi, ministerial commissioner in charge of ethnic Hungarian communities, met a group of young diaspora Hungarians in Hälleberga, in southern Sweden, the Prime Minister’s Office said. Szilágyi visited the Blue Flower Hungarian language camp organised at the city’s Youth Centre that has been purchased and renovated by the Hungarian government, the statement said. “Over its decades-long operation, the camp has reminded hundreds of Hungarian children of and helped them preserve their national identity, culture and native language,” the PM’s Office said. Szilágyi thanked the local Hungarian organisations, teachers and parents for their efforts in setting a positive example, it added.
The camp covers a given period in Hungarian history each year but also focuses on the geography of the Carpathian Basin and the Hungarian literature of the period in question. Campers are divided up into four-five age groups. This year, 40 children and 19 instructors are attending the camp.
The government places great emphasis on Hungarian diaspora communities, whom it considers “assets”, the Prime Minister’s office said, adding that “the up-and-coming generation represents the future of the Hungarian people.”