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Fruit and vegetable processing company AgroSprint inaugurated a 2.2 billion forint unit at its base in Nyírlugos, in north-eastern Hungary. The ceremony was attended by Finance Minister Mihály Varga. The company financed the capacity expansion from a 750 million forint European Union grant and its own funds of 1.3 billion. AgroSprint built a new production unit and storage area and invested into new technology to develop the processing phase of its production of deep-frozen sweetcorn, owner Gábor Fülöp said.

Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture Tamás Tarpataki noted that Hungary is Europe’s biggest producer of sweetcorn, growing more than 500,000 tonnes of sweetcorn a year on more than 36,000 hectares.

AgroSprint, Europe’s biggest exporter and producer of deep-frozen sweetcorn, operates ten bases in Hungary and five in Romania. It had revenue of 11.4 billion forints in 2018.