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The Hungarian nation today has the political and economic means to protect itself and preserve its independence, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Saturday in his annual address at the “Tusványos” summer university.

Soon it will have the physical means to defend itself, too, Orbán told several thousand people gathered at the event held in Băile Tuşnad (Tusnádfürdő), in central Romania. Orbán said the country was on a promising path but dangers to its continued development came not from domestic sources but were external. The prime minister said his political generation would now be “prime time” for the next 15 years and the most important tasks lay ahead.

Hungary’s government has succeeded in regaining the country’s sovereignty and protecting its borders against migration, Orbán said. The International Monetary Fund “has gone home”, he added. “Our generation has been given a historic opportunity to strengthen the Hungarian nation,” he said. “This has been an unfairly hard struggle up until now and will remain an unfairly hard one going forward. He said that over the course of the 30 years since the country’s democratic transition, Hungarians had realised that “it’s not about setting a goal for a certain time period, but rather about giving meaning to our own lives within a period of time.”