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A monument to 15th century strategist and politician John Hunyadi was inaugurated in Zemun (Zimony) outside Belgrade, in a ceremony attended by the presidents of Hungary and Serbia. János Áder, the Hungarian president, highlighted Hunyadi’s victory in the 1456 Battle of Belgrade as the beginning of an era of peace and reconstruction. Hunyadi dedicated his whole life to protecting the homeland from the Ottoman Empire, he said. The bells of Christian churches in Europe rung at midday “have reminded all Europeans for 563 years of the courage, heroism, sacrifice and faith of the defenders of Belgrade”, Áder said in his address.
Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić noted that Hunyadi, called Janko Sibinjanin in Serbia, is revered in both countries. “Hunyadi’s dream has come true: Serbs and Hungarians are now fighting together, for shared goals,” Vučić said.
The monument was erected where Hunyadi’s troops had arrived on the River Danube before the famous battle.