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Ursula von der Leyen "could not have been elected" European Commission president without the votes of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz MEPs, the head of the Prime Minister's Office has said.

Fidesz’s 13 votes “had been mathematically needed” for Von der Leyen to win, Gergely Gulyás told a regular press briefing. He said Von der Leyen would not even have been nominated for the post without support from the Hungarian government and the Visegrad countries. He added that the EC had become “a lot more fragmented” than before and it was more difficult to obtain majority support. “We have trust in the president-elect but that trust has been vested in advance,” he said, adding that the new commission would have to “fix many mistakes left behind by outgoing EC chief Jean-Claude Juncker” such as the way the body handled the migration crisis. He also criticised the EC for delays in increasing the efficiency of border controls and its “failure to reimburse Hungary for its border control measures”.
Gulyás insisted that the EU’s spitzenkandidat system has failed, as “none of the top candidates were supported by a majority of EU heads of state and government” and the council’s candidate won the post in the end.