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“Migration poses a security risk,” a state secretary of the Hungarian foreign ministry said in response to a recent statement by Felipe Gonzalez Morales, rapporteur of the United Nations, concerning his findings in Hungary. Tamás Menczer cited the rapporteur as “criticising Hungary for considering migration a security risk”. “Thirty terrorist attacks have been carried out, in which over 300 people died and 1,300 were injured,” he said. “We have seen parallel societies and a number of other crimes.”
Menczer said migration was an “open issue”, adding that “according to the most cautious estimates 30-35 million people living east and south of Europe could decide on setting off for Europe any time”. The UN rapporteur “also criticises us for not allowing migrants free movement in Hungary, as well as for the border fence and transit zones,” the state secretary said, adding that the fence along Hungary’s southern border with Serbia “will stay where it is because it serves the security of Hungarian people”.