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Hungary’s foreign minister has accused Brussels of "openly siding with people smugglers", arguing that an "internationally organised" and politically-backed human smuggling operation was being carried out on the Mediterranean.

“Brussels and certain western member states of the European Union have revealed themselves,” Péter Szijjártó told Hungarian reporters during a break in a meeting with his EU counterparts in Brussels. “Because while it has become clear that migration can be stopped not only on land but also on the Mediterranean Sea, they are continuously and openly encouraging human smuggling.”
The minister said it had become clear that Brussels and certain western EU member states had an interest in having more and more migrants come to Europe. “The forces organising migration are on the offensive again,” Szijjártó cautioned.
He said Europe had two options as regards migration: it could either choose to “side with the people smugglers” or require that everyone enter the continent legally. Szijjártó said human smuggling and support of “civil groups involved in human smuggling activities” would set off new migration waves towards Europe, adding that this “would be a good excuse” for arguments to be brought forth again in favour of a migrant distribution scheme based on quotas.