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The government has enforced the will of Hungarians who voted in the European Parliament elections by getting people into top European Union posts who respect nations and oppose migration, Viktor Orbán has said.

Many of Europe’s problems were linked to leaders in the EU who supported migration, the prime minister said in a public radio interview. Socialist candidate Frans Timmermans, “the candidate of [US billionaire George] Soros” had been torpedoed, he said. Meanwhile, the European People’s Party’s Manfred Weber, the prime minister added, would not end up as head of the European Commission because he had spoken “disrespectfully about the citizens of several countries, including Hungary”.
“Westerners and central Europe agreed on German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen,” Orbán added. The Visegrad Group had ranked her third on its list, and there would now be a chance for the commission presidency to make Europe strong while respecting national interests, he said. Orbán also highlighted the economic performance and political stability of the group that “promotes the interests of 63 million people with due weight”. He said central Europe was backed by Croatia and Romania when it came to nominating top European officials.