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Climate change, migration and energy issues were at the heart of talks between Hungarian President János Áder and Zuzana Čaputová, his Slovakian counterpart.

At the talks in Budapest on Thursday, Áder underlined that the world “is in the eleventh hour” in acting on climate change. Áder said the preservation of water bases was “at least as important” as climate protection. The president said he was paying close attention to the recent implementation of a law in Slovakia that grants constitutional protection to the country’s water bases. The two leaders agreed that the use of nuclear energy was indispensable in achieving climate protection goals and that every country should have the right to shape their own energy policies.
As regards migration, Áder and Čaputová were in agreement that Europe’s external borders must be protected and that it would be wrong to implement mandatory migrant quotas. They also agreed that the best way to manage migration was prevent its causes. Áder said aid should be provided in the homelands of those in need so that they are not forced to emigrate. “But in areas where trouble has already struck … it is about repairing the damage,” the president said.