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The opposition Democratic Coalition says it will stick to its policy positions despite “threats” from ruling Fidesz that the leftist party could be stripped of its seats on parliamentary committees.
Addressing a press conference, DK lawmaker Ágnes Vadai accused Fidesz group leader Máté Kocsis and MP Csaba Hende of threatening to have her party stripped of its committee positions after it blocked the appointment of three Fidesz MEPs to committee positions in the European Parliament.
Vadai, who is DK’s deputy group leader, said her party was proud to have convinced the Social Democratic Group to vote against the Fidesz candidates. She said that by doing so, they had “prevented Hungary’s ruling anti-European criminal organisation from acquiring important European positions”. She said DK “doesn’t care about the mafia-like threats of the Orbán regime”. “DK will not fall in line and will not assist the enemies of Europe and a European Hungary” even if the party is stripped of its parliamentary committee positions “or if we wake up with horse heads in our beds”, Vadai said.
On Thursday, Kocsis said in a Facebook post that DK MEP Csaba Molnár had informed Prime Minister Viktor Orbán that his party had instigated in the EP Social Democratic Group a vote against Fidesz candidates for EP committee positions. Kocsis said the move was unprecedented in Hungarian and EP history. He said that according to normal procedures the proportion of votes a party receives is linked to parliamentary positions precisely because this reflects the will of voters. “DK is treading on dangerous waters,” Kocsis wrote, adding that if it became common practice for political rivals to deny one another the positions they are entitled to, based on their share of seats, such a situation may also arise in the Hungarian parliament.