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Concluding their investigation into the 1998 murder of Hungarian media mogul János Fenyő, police said that there is a suspicion beyond reasonable doubt that Tamás Gy. had ordered the crime. The National Investigation Bureau (NNI) on Thursday forwarded the case to the Budapest Prosecutor’s Office, the website said. According to police charges, Tamás Gyárfás, a media entrepreneur and former head of the Hungarian Swimming Association, hired Tamás Portik, the one-time head of an oil company involved in illicit deals in the nineties, to liquidate his business rival, Fenyő, who was killed by multiple gunshots in a traffic jam in downtown Budapest on February 11, 1998.

The investigation stalled until 2010, when DNA evidence led police to arrest Jozef Rohác, a Slovak citizen who was later sentenced to life in prison for the Fenyő murder and the bombing in Budapest’s Aranykéz street, which claimed four lives. In 2017, further evidence led investigators to reopen the investigation. This time, police say they successfully identified the enticers, Tamás Portik and Tamás Gyarfás. The latter was detained and heard as a suspect in April 2018, police said. Portik, currently serving a 13-year prison term for his role in the Fenyő murder and other crimes, was also heard. Gyárfás denies any wrongdoing.