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The green LMP party said that President János Áder was “defending the indefensible” by assisting to the government’s “insufficient” climate policy.
In an interview on Friday, Áder told public Kossuth Rádió that Hungary would honour its climate protection commitments for 2030. Citing European Union figures, Áder said that Hungary had reduced its carbon-dioxide emissions by 31.9% between 1990 and 2017. He also said that Hungary had increased its woodlands, which helps absorb carbon-dioxide.
LMP deputy parliamentary group leader Erzsébet Schmuck said that Hungary’s carbon-dioxide emissions had been reduced by importing electric energy from mostly Polish, Ukrainian and Czech carbon-fuel plants. Thus, overall emissions have not been reduced, only added to other countries’ records, she said. Schmuck noted that Hungary had indeed increased the area of its woodlands. However, most comprise foreign species with little climate regulation ability, she said.
The government’s climate policy has failed more than once, Schmuck said. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in June vetoed the European Union’s target to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. The European Commission has also “given bad grades” to Hungary’s 2030 climate goals, she added.