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Hungary will honour its climate protection commitments for 2030, President János Áder said, adding that 90% of Hungary’s power production could become CO2-free by 2030.

At an interview to public radio, Áder said those achievements would be made possible by the completion of the upgrade of the Paks nuclear plant and by further increasing solar energy production. Coal-fuelled power plants will also need to be shut down in part or in full by 2030, or they will need to be converted to other fuels such as natural gas, he added.
Citing European Union figures, Áder said that Hungary had reduced its carbon-dioxide emissions by 31.9% between 1990-2017.
Climate protection requires “starting actual work at last” rather than “ceremonious declarations”, Áder said and added that further delays could make the climate situation much worse in 5-10 years. He warned that the world’s CO2 emissions have increased rather than the opposite since the Paris Climate Agreement was signed. To the question whether large companies could be convinced to contribute to climate protection, Áder said that they could either be made interested in doing so, or could be forced through legislation.