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As an exporter, Hungary has a vital interest in boosting economic ties with Turkey, Péter Szijjártó, the minister of foreign affairs and trade, said after the 6th meeting of the two countries' economic joint committee.

Energy is the main pillar of Turkey-Hungary economic relations, Szijjártó said. He noted the opportunity to import gas from the south as well as deepening cooperation in the area of nuclear energy. He said the Turkish Stream pipeline, soon to bring gas from Azerbaijan to central Europe, would enhance Hungary’s energy security. The minister said the government will open a procedure in September for booking capacity for the pipeline on the Serbian-Hungarian border.
Szijjártó said cooperation on the use of nuclear energy was expanding and both sides attached great importance to peaceful applications. He noted that Turkey plans to build dozens of reactors, adding that Hungary will help train professionals in the sector and share its nuclear expertise.
The minister said that with a view to increasing Turkish-Hungarian trade turnover last year of more than 3.1 billion dollars, Hungary’s Eximbank has opened a 220 million dollar credit line.
Turkey, he said, would soon be among the global top ten economies, adding that an absence of any unresolved political issues was to be welcomed.