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A part of the Socialist Party’s voter base has come to support the Democratic Coalition (DK), according to a recent survey by the Századvég Foundation, adding that DK’s support comes mostly from the over-60 age group in which the Socialists used to enjoy high support. Due to DK’s success at the recent European Parliament election the party and its leader Ferenc Gyurcsány have “come closer than ever before to becoming the dominant leftist force.” Századvég said, however, that DK “does not have a political message to convince undecided voters”, adding that the party could “only benefit from the gradual erosion of other opposition forces and integrating left-leaning voters.” Gyurcsány, it said, is working to “completely destroy other opposition forces and stage a comeback to frontline politics”. DK’s promotion of personalities like Klára Dobrev and Olga Kálmán is aimed at neutralising Gyurcsány’s “unprecedented” lack of popularity, the think-tank said. Dobrev, who has won a seat in the European Parliament, and Kálmán, a popular TV anchor whom DK supports as an independent candidate for Budapest mayor, could win voters “who reject Gyurcsány but identify with DK’s general direction”, the report said.