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Hungary wants the next European Commission president to be someone who does not overstep the boundaries of their job description, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office told parliament’s European affairs committee.

“The EC’s operations over the past five years have been a failure,” Gergely Gulyás told the committee at his annual hearing, expressing criticism of the EC’s handling of migration and Brexit. “The EC needs to be changed, it should not be a political committee, but a body that makes sure that the EU treaties are implemented.” EU institutions should have leaders who can maintain “correct and balanced” relations with every member state “without a record of previously attacking any of them,” he said. Meanwhile, he said it was “clear that there isn’t a majority support for the spitzenkandidaten.”
Concerning the EU’s next budget, Gulyás said there was no acceptable draft on the table. It would not be “tragic” for Hungary if the budget was not passed before the second half of 2020, he said, adding that Hungary would not compromise on matters such as common agricultural policy, cohesion funds and migration policy. Hungary also refuses to accept linking rule of law and EU funding, he said, adding that the next EU budget was expected to be approved in 2020 under either the Croatian or German presidency.