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A refurbishment of Budapest’s iconic Chain Bridge with the two squares it spans over the Danube and the nearby tunnel under Buda Castle will get under way in late October, the mayor of Budapest said. An at least six-month refurbishment of downtown Blaha Lujza Square will also begin this year with an upgrade of transport junction Széna Square on the Buda side planned to start in 2020, István Tarlós told a press conference. Other projects include upgrading the speedway to the International Liszt Ferenc airport, reducing noise levels around the airport, constructing a bridge at Aquincum in the north and providing further support for the homeless, he said. Commenting on the opposition’s ongoing preselection process of a candidate to challenge him in the autumn municipal elections, Tarlós, a candidate of ruling Fidesz, said that it was nothing else but “a propaganda campaign”. The opposition parties would not need the preselection, had they had a charismatic candidate they could trust, or ones who could really come close to challenge me, the incumbent mayor said.