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Finance Minister Mihály Varga has set out the main goals of the 2020 budget, namely support for families and ensuring resources for the action plan to protect the economy.

Addressing the 2020 budget debate, Varga said the government would reduce taxes and the public debt while increasing wages, investments, and striving for full employment.

The budget bill before MPs centres on providing families, children and teachers support and security. Varga said the aim was to make Hungary a family-friendly place. The government continues to put children’s interests first, he added.

Compared with this year’s budget, all priority areas in 2020 will enjoy more resources. Besides support for families, Varga highlighted education, health care, pensions, public sector wages, as well as defence and law enforcement as priority areas.

The aim of the economy protection plan is to safeguard results achieved so far amid a downturn outside the country, ensuring sustained economic growth of 2 percentage points above the European Union average, Varga said. The growth target for next year is 4%, he noted. A top government priority continues to be fighting the threat of terrorism and guaranteeing public security, the minister added.